About Eline Van Ree

Eline Van ReeAt the age of 18 Eline started to study at the Royal Academy of Fashion in Antwerp. After the second year she took a break of the fashion dream to enlarge her design skills and start to study interior design in Brussels. After finishing her studies she moved to Barcelona, the city she felt in love with during her travels in Europe.

In Barcelona she worked at the fashion studio of Josep Abril, later on that year she launched her first women ‘s collection as an independent designer.

“Fashion design for me is when art and life goes hand in hand. When there is a right balance between aesthetic and functional. I therefore try to give it a form as appropriate as possible, with the appropriate materials; from the most appropriate production techniques and this all I do with my personal idea of style and psychological and aesthetic factors. I try to make feel the clothes as natural as possible, that the whole atmosphere of the collection just feels right. As fashion designer you are also a research designer: it tries out to combine two or more dimensions, attempts to clarify images and textile technique, and carries out research into a collection. It is therefore a question of coherence. “